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Who am I? The beginning

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Hello, if you are reading this you are one of two people. The first being some near and dear to me who is just having a browse on my website, perhaps because I made you. The second being someone actually intrigued as to who I am, because you are interested in a music lesson maybe? But that's enough about you. The question is, who am I?

Well, this story could take a while but I will keep it brief. My name is Monash, yes like the university... I grew up in Brisbane, QLD, on the southside to be specific. I went through state schooling and thoroughly enjoyed it. I picked up the Flute when I was in grade 5, like most other children at the time, however this was not the instrument of my choice. To say I had choice in fact is a misleading statement. My mother wanted me to learn an instrument, however I missed out on being tested, or even choosing preferences because I just didn't end up going to see the music teacher on the day I was supposed to. Not for any reason in particular, that's just how that day went. Come the next day I am asked by my mother if I saw the music teacher, obviously the answer was no, so she then took me to him the next chance she got and asked if I could learn an instrument. The only spare instrument left in the storeroom (or so I was led to believe) was a flute. Thus began a lifelong journey.

I wasn't a good beginner. I forgot to go to lessons, I struggled to make a consistent sound on the instrument for weeks. But, I did practise most days, mum made me. This didn't annoy me, I didn't have the sense of responsibity to mange my timetable as a not-even 10 year old. Come the end of the year, my music teacher was surprised to even see my at the end of year concert (with white sneakers mind you). I remember playing pretty okay, but I think I had decided it was okay to play F's instead of F#'s because I just didn't quite know that note well enough. I wonder how that came across...

Fast forward a few years, I am in year 12, still playing the Flute. I am band captain (a prestigious title) and have been to multiple band camps over the years. Those who know, know. In this time I have picked up the Saxophone, and can bust out a half decent tune, joined percussion ensemble, and even performed at our school cafe when it was operating for thursday night dinners. I now have a guitar sitting in my room, which I am slowly learning, and most importantly continue to play my Flute almost every day, including as part of some ensembles in the Young Conservatorium program. I have become a musical leader in my tiny little part of the world, but have realised there is a much bigger world out there to see. I don't get the feeling of inadequacy you sometimes get you when you see someone perform better than you do, It drove me to keep at it. My thought process was: if they can do that, then I can do that too, it will just happen later.

To a degree I still live by that notion. Perhaps the point is to not compare yourself to others, especially in the moment. Use that experience to gain something, and set a goal for yourself. Everyone's lived experience is so vastly different. That's it for today! Thanks for reading.

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